Who am I

Music has always been a part of my life and I cannot remember a day without it.
I studied Management while at the same time doing Singing at the Lisbon Conservatory. Although I had a steady life working in Economics, the Music bug let me to pursue my education abroad.
The first time I heard about Music Therapy was while I was doing the Bachelor in Singing in Codarts (Rotterdam).
At the time I was also teaching and two of my students were related to the form of therapy: one was in the autism specter disorder and had had Music Therapy when he was younger; the other was a Music Therapy student.
Master in Music Therapy in Lusiada University. 
When I got back to Portugal, I had the opportunity to do a Master in Music Therapy in Lusiada University. My focus was Neurologic Music Therapy that looks at the ways that Music and its components can be used to treat the brain.   My internship was done in a stroke recovery program. After I got my Master I started working with the elderly in day centers and assisted residencies.
The seed had been planted in my mind and was starting to grow.
Today, apart from the elderly that are the majority of my clients, I also do Music Therapy with children in the autism specter disorder and other developmental pathologies.
Every day I see the power of Music.
I see it in the smile of the one that tells me that the Music day is the best day of his or her week. 

I hear it in the one that no longer can speak coherently but discovers that can still sing the songs that are part of his or her life soundtrack. 

I feel it in the child that lives inside his or her own world and suddenly discover the joy in playing with others. 

I watch it in the one that is no longer afraid of walking just because he can do it better while listening to Music that synchronizes his or her gait. 

I acknowledge it when someone finds in Music some way of relaxing and forgetting pain. 

And in so many other situations.
It took me 40 years to realize why Music was so important to me and what was what I wanted to do through it. Now I know.
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Paula Rosado, sessão Musicoterapia
Chocalho, sessão de musicoterapia,
Musicoterapia, sons e ritmos com instrumentos musicais
Idoso e chocalho, sessão musicoterapia, Paula Rosado
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