Music Therapy in Active Ageing

Music is a part of the human being and there is no culture where music is not developed or nourished. Music memory is a complex skill that integrates musical concepts of pitch, rhythm, timbre, dynamics and linguistic, visual, kinesthetic and emotional components. Each task is performed by different parts of the brain so, when we perform a musical activity, several brain processes are activated.

Actions are not static in time. They occur in space. We coordinate our movement in a certain place and with a certain intention. Memories are in the body. Play, dance, move, tell stories are activities prior to memory. 

Through an active body we express and maintain health.
In active ageing, music therapy is used as prevention, promoting quality of life and health.


  • Manutenção de competências cognitivas (memória, atenção)
  • Promoção da aprendizagem de novas competências
  • Manutenção e promoção da interacção social
  • Promoção do movimento físico
  • Promoção da expressão criativa
  • Revisão de vida
Envelhecimento activo, Musicoterapia, Paula Rosado
Sessão musicoterapia, Paula Rosado
Musicoterapia, Sessão grupo, Paula Rosado
Sessão Musicoterapia, instrumentos musicais, Paula Rosado
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